Ane Huggemands' House

Ane Huggemand's House

Ane Huggemands' House from Halsted Manor


The little smallholding cottage, which originally belonged to Halsted Manor, was acquired for the museum in 1925. The inscription above the entrance door reads C.R.S J.H.D. 1803, which may be the initials of the first occupants of the house and the date when the smallholding was built.


The first room is the small kitchen with a fireplace from which the jamb stove in the living room was stoked. To the left of the kitchen is the living room where the residents would sleep and stay during the day. Behind the living room, there is a small room, which served as a scullery. To the right of the kitchen is the parlour, which, contrary to customary practices, could also be heated. The outbuilding on the northern side of the house - the projection - had room for firewood, and the outbuilding by the end gable had room for a cow.


The garden with space for vegetables, berries and fruit helped make the household self-sufficient, and on one side of the house, there was a chicken run.


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Ane Huggemands' House before it was moved to the Open-Air Museum