Ane Huggemands

Ane Huggemands' familie

Ane Huggemands with the Ørnsholt family. Photo: Architect Ørnsholt.


The last person to live in the house was Ane Huggemands. She was born in the house in 1840, and lived there all of her 85 years. Ane was named after her father, Hans Huggemand, who worked as a farmhand at Halsted Manor. He had acquired his nickname from his work (in Danish,Huggemandalludes to wood chopping). As her father, Ane worked at the manor, where she looked after the children of the master and mistress, the estate manager and the forester. She also helped out in the garden. Although Ane was unmarried, she had no less than five children.


In 1886, Ane, who was then 46 years old, married Lars Langesøe, aged 49. Lars was a gardener at Halsted Manor. He looked after the furnace in the greenhouse and carted firewood to the main building. Lars was born out of wedlock and was named after the locality where he was born - close to Pederstrup.


Ane Huggemands og hendes mand Knud Langesøe har besøg af Anes datter og svigersøn.

Ane Huggemands and her husband Lars Langesøe with Ane's daughter and son-in-law visiting.


Ane's grandchildren have described how the smallholding was surrounded by a fertile ornamental and kitchen garden.

Ane Huggemands' House