The family of the teacher Friederich Wilfried Rolfsen

Chatol med skriveklap


In 1822, a new schoolmaster moved into the school in Langet. The young captain Friederich Wilfried Rolfsen from Hostein was only 29 years old. He took over from Hans Jørgensen, who had retired.


Mr Rolfsen was accompanied by his wife, Margrethe Marie Diderichsen, aged 30, her daughter from her first marriage, Nicole Margrethe Valdmann, aged 5, and his mother-in-law, Hedevig Kristine Diderichsen, aged 48. In 1824, Margrethe gave birth to the couple's son, Christian Vilhelm Rolfsen.


Due to the size of the family, they now needed more space. In 1828, the school's residential part was therefore expanded to provide more space for the family and their household. At the 1834 census, the property had seven residents. In addition to the family, there were two maids, Christiane Nielsdatter, aged 29, and Karen Hansdatter, aged 28.


Mr Rolfsen retained the position as teacher until his death in 1860.

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