Tradesmen Day

The village blacksmith at work

The village blacksmith at work by the anvil


Once a year, some 20-25 different, specialist tradesmen come together at Frilandsmuseet (The Open-Air Museum) for the annual Tradesmen Day. Here, they demonstrate and talk about the old trades, and visitors have plenty of opportunities to ask the professional tradesmen questions.


On the Tradesmen Day, a great variety of trades are represented, e.g. a bricklayer, a wood turner, a carpenter, a coppersmith, a thatcher, a wicker worker, weaving ladies, black powder shooters, a ropemaker, a glazier, a goldsmith, an upholsterer, a brushmaker, a farrier, a watchmaker, a blacksmith, a boat builder, a pewterer and a porcelain painter as well as a gardener, lace-makers and folk dancers. However, the participants may vary from one event to the next.


Often, the competent tradesmen and women produce something that can subsequently be used on or in one of the museum's many houses. The kitchen table in the Garden House, for instance, was made by the carpenters, and another example is the many nails and hooks that the blacksmiths forge in the smithy.


In connection with the Tradesmen Day, different activities are often organised throughout the day. Here, visitors have the chance to meet the sheep-shearer who shears his sheep, the farrier who shoes his horse, the ropemaker who makes ropes with the children, and the pancake baker who makes delicacies in the Garden House.