Special Exhibition

@The Hirschsprung Collection


Niels Skovgaard – Painter · Sculptor · Ceramicist · Illustrator
Jan 25 - April 28


The temporary exhibition Niels Skovgaard – Painter · Sculptor · Ceramicist · Illustrator at Fuglsang Kunstmuseum spotlights a talented, curious, and versatile artist.


Niels Skovgaard (1858–1938) was the youngest son of the landscape painter P.C. Skovgaard. He was encouraged to paint throughout his childhood and it was a forgone conclusion that he would become an artist. He attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, but never graduated. However, this did not prevent him from becoming a skilled and recognised artist who worked with many materials and media.


On his countless travels in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, and Greece, Skovgaard gradually developed his talent and found inspiration for his many motifs – among these plein-air studies, pictorial travel accounts, Christian and mythological motifs.


With more than 140 artworks and objects in public and private ownership from home and abroad, the exhibition presents a broad range of Niels Skovgaard’s extensive and multifarious fields of activity.


The exhibition, a collaboration with Skovgaard Museet and Vejen Kunstmuseum, is accompanied by a large and richly illustrated anthology about the artist in both Danish and English.